Marketing Tips for Start-Ups

digital-marketingA lot of businesses don’t survive within the next five years, and one huge reason is they haven’t promoted their products and services well enough.
You don’t want this to happen to your own business, do you? So you better take the necessary steps today. Here are some ideas:

1. Come up with a marketing plan. A marketing plan is perhaps one of the tools that are often ignored by start-up business people. For one, it takes a lot of time. It can also be costly.

However, a marketing plan also offers several benefits. For one, you’ll be clear with your marketing objectives. Who will be your target market? What are the modes of marketing that would capture their attention? What types of promos you need to come up with? How much capital do you need to stay afloat for the next couple of years?

You can also utilize the plan when you have to assess your strategies. After all, you need to go back to your main objectives and determine if you have accomplished them.

2. Perform online marketing. Millions of people use the Internet to search for information, purchase products, or request for services. You can’t avoid staying away from the World Wide Web. You have to practice online marketing.

There are different tools you can use online, and some of them are free. These include blogging platforms, social networking websites like Facebook, micro blogging sites such as Plurk and Twitter, article directories, directories, and search engines.

You also need to create a website where Internet users can go to get more information about you or shop for products. Though this may require some capital, it’s not huge. There are several web hosting and domain packages to choose from.

3. Combine online marketing with local marketing. Though there are thousands who are online, there are also several who don’t use the Internet. You still need to market your products and services to them. That’s why you also have to develop marketing techniques for them. You can print credit cards, put up tarpaulins or mini-billboards, give away samples, or encourage word of mouth. These marketing tips are so effective yet they’re incredibly cheap.

4. Delegate tasks.A common practice among start-up businesspersons is to do everything on their own. The problem is the business takes away a lot of their time, and they don’t progress. They cannot focus on other business aspects that should make their business grow.

Hire at least one or two people who can assist you. You can delegate routine tasks to them, so you can focus on the more important parts of your business.

5. Utilize subliminal messages. Starting up a business can cause a lot of apprehension, worry, and even depression. Cope with them by using subliminal messages. These affirmations can help improve your manner of thinking by concentrating on positive thoughts.

Here are some examples:

  • I am blessed to have this business.
  • I can’t wait to reach my first $100,000.
  • I am ready to earn thousands next month.
  • I get rid of worry and anxiety in my life.

In case you haven’t noticed, the global economy isn’t in great shape at the moment. Companies, big and small, are all looking at ways of marketing their businesses without sending the marketing budget through the roof. The simplest and cheapest way to do this is through online marketing. Here are ten great tips to get your business doing more business online.

1. Know your customer – Before you even start marketing to potential customers, you first need to understand who those customers are, so you can use the right tools to reach to them. Where are they likely to be found on the Internet? What sites do they use? What are they looking for? Once you know the answers to these questions, you know where to direct your online marketing efforts.

2. Get networking – Social networking isn’t just a gimmick. It really works. Don’t believe me? Get on to Facebook or Twitter and see how many big brand names are there selling their wares. Isn’t it time you joined them? Just make sure that the networking site you use is used by your customers too.

3. Help people find you – Build a profile on Google Maps and when people find you in the online world, they’ll be able to find you in the real world too. Hey, it’s free and you don’t even need a website to be included.

4. Your window to the world – And talking of websites, if you haven’t already got one, isn’t it time you did? All your online marketing should lead your customer back to your website.

5. Emailing lists – Keep your customers in the loop by getting a mailing list and emailing them regularly. This is an easy way to inform them of new products, deals and discounts. You can do this yourself or you can get someone to do it for you. If you’re planning on buying mailing lists, make sure they’re appropriate for your business.

6. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) – Google’s keyword tool can help here. Make sure your website is optimised for keywords and phrases relating to your products and services. That way you maximise traffic to your site. Many online business directories can help with this also.

7. Test, test and test again – With all your online marketing efforts, continually test new strategies and refine your campaigns, based on results. Get rid of what isn’t working and scale up what does.

8. Online business directories – Get your business into a good online business directory. Some like Ogbit will even integrate SEO into your profile listing, which can massively boost traffic to your site.

9. Be a blogger – A blog isn’t just a way to keep your site updated with new information; it also shows potential customers that you know what you’re talking about when it comes to the products or services they need.

10. Stay clued in – Finally, the world of online marketing is continually evolving. To succeed, you need to keep up-to-date with the latest developments and see how you can leverage those developments to work best for your business. So make a point of attending relevant conferences and seminars to keep your online marketing skills sharp.

If you’re interested in using business information’s to help with your marketing, read other articles in my marketing tips website.

Tips to Your Business Pick Its Marketing Agency

Ok, there’s no right or wrong answer to this; we all have different motives for why we choose our marketing agency – price, product, placement or promotion? Ok, I’ve cheated and alluded to the 4 P’s in marketing. However, there’s much to be said about using the fundamental principles when picking a service you want to buy. We all go through this process every day, from picking the right toothpaste to choosing the right car for our families; so why should picking a marketing agency for your business be any different? The answer is it shouldn’t.

We shouldn’t be too price sensitive; quite often with an agency you get what you pay for – the best businesses often employ the brightest minds with a history of results. So in essence, you get what you pay for.

Does you marketing agency actually provide the services you need or sell you the services they want you to have? The best marketing agencies prescribe only the services your business requires – they always have your budget, your objectives and your customers in mind.

Location is everything when picking a marketing agency. Why choose an agency who is so far away that you rarely see each other to work off the same page? At the same time, don’t get caught in the trap of picking an agency that is on your front doorstep. Fit is everything – pick an agency that understands you and gets your business.

Ask yourself this question – can your agency promote themselves? If you can’t find them online with a reasonable Google search, you know they can’t do online marketing. If they don’t have a presence in local press or industry publications, then maybe they don’t have the marketing know-how they claim to have. If a marketing agency can promote itself well, that’s a great starting point.

So how do you choose your agency? You may not use the 4 P’s, but it’s a great starting point if you are looking to move on.

Get A Job Promotion Soon

A job promotion happens when you’ve come into terms with your situation in your workplace that there is no other way but to go up the ranks of the hierarchy. This is loaded with a lot of meaning particularly for this writer. He was once told by his direct supervisor that his name was on the line-up already for promotion, and just waiting for the General Manager’s signature to become official. He was doing work along Human Resources that time (and would have actually given him easy access to information on promotions but since he was the one being promoted then, he didn’t know much about it). Well, it did not happen. It was one of the most embarrassing experiences the writer has in his career with that company. He felt humiliated and betrayed into believing something that he thought was already his, but was taken away without much fuss of an explanation from top management. In retrospect, this writer has learned many lessons from the experience, from which the following (what may be considered) tongue-in-cheek tips were culled for sharing to those out there who are expecting promotion/s.

1) “You have to really like it in order to get it.” Would you believe that promotions are out there for the asking? In order to ask for one, you need to really like it deep inside of you. You can not be half hearted about it, or you may end getting something that you don’t deserve at all (nor something not even half of what you have). How do know you like it? You spend sleepless nights, and endless hours talking about your desires to be promoted. You’ve talked a lot with yourself that you deserve this, and you’re working on getting support, both indirect or direct, from everyone in the company where you work.

2) You have to show to members of the decision making committee on promotions (or anyone making the final decision about promotions) that you have mouths to feed, and it will go a long way if you get promoted (and hence receive the corresponding pay adjustments). This works best for employees who have families, i.e. married, with children who are growing up or going to school). Management always likes to feel good about helping one way or another, their employees to have reasonably comfortable lives outside of work so they reward them accordingly. One way this is done is to give promotions. This author didn’t meet this criterion, as he was single when he was told about the promotion. Apparently, as this writer learned from other sources, the General Manager (GM) was concerned about the value of a promotion to this writer then, and asked if he was married. The GM did not agree to giving him a promotion. This may be quirky but readers have to take serious note if this applies as well in their respective work places (as it did happen to this writer).

3) You have actually prepared someone to replace you in case you’re promoted. There are many ways of doing this. One way is delegating (depending on your level in the hierarchy), or sharing your job assignments with others in your team (as far as your situation will make this doable).

4) You’re a straight person, or you belong to a certain race or even just because you’re a male. Of course, this observation may sound outright discriminatory, but this thing happens just the same. Managers or those who make decisions on promotions generally like to promote their own kind, or even those who are not so different from them as a person-someone who will not cause upheavals in the power structure of the company-mainly for practical reasons (e.g. you prefer to work with someone you know as a person, as “differences” can actually be an additional load to manage, given the usual workload given to employees, managers, and rank & file alike). This writer also experienced that (i.e. getting discriminated), as he heard from trustworthy sources that his being gay (though not out in the workplace then) has worked against him to be considered for a promotion.

5) You have to be qualified in terms of experience, education, and other personality requirements for you to be effective in doing your new job (in case you get promoted). This is basic, actually, but this may usually not be weighed seriously by those seeking to be promoted. You have to posses the necessary credentials, including years of actual hands on experience, accomplishments in your present work, and the values you have delivered to the company.

6) There has to be a vacancy internally in the structure before a promotion can happen. This is another basic premise. If there is none, it is your job to prod Management to create a position. You will do your prodding by making yourself available for the position, and by clearly sending signals to Management that you actually want the promotion.

7) You have to be doing a line function job, which in management theory, describes those works contributing directly to revenue creation of the company. These jobs include, mostly and typically, those in sales and marketing, manufacturing, operations, or those work areas that are the core activities of the company. Of course, promotions also are given to those doing “staff” function positions (those jobs along finance, human resource, among others), but they come only after many years of service generally. This is mainly due to difficulties in providing cash value to the contributions being done by those doing such “staff” jobs. However, this may be fast changing in these times, due to effects brought about by technology, and much faster cycles of delivering new products and services to the market anywhere in the world.

8) You are going to be promoted when it will actually bring in additional, and preferably, create more profit to the company, as measured by the revenues you will endeavor to bring to the company versus the costs of keeping your job in the hierarchy. This is somewhat linked to number “7”, but the difference lies mainly on measures related to cost-analysis, which people or specialists in the finance, accounting, budget, controller group may work out for top management to act on. In short, your promotion won’t make a dent on the budget, but will actually create more business to the company.

9) You will always get a promotion, when you have learned to play the politics at the workplace to your advantage. It is nave to ignore the dynamics of politics at the workplace, just like any other organization. Make sure you study and understand how power is distributed, created, shared in the structure of your company. Get all the help you can in order to do this (e.g. asking HR to explain the structure of the company, learn who are the major stakeholders in your company, etc. ). Make the structure work for you. Learn and make your self known to people who matter. They may be secretaries of the top bosses, who can say a thing or two for you to be considered for a promotion, or you can promise the secretary that you can also return the favor (there are ways of doing these, which is outside the scope of this article). Also keep in mind that the higher you go in the hierarchy in your workplace, the more games of politics can be expected (though in very subtle, or sophisticated way).

10) If you are really frustrated because you are being ignored by your boss for many years for a promotion, and if you happen to be married, ask your spouse to talk with top management or to your boss directly about your need for a promotion. Again, there are many creative ways of doing this.

11) Plus, you may consider playing roles at the work place, by creating impression that you are on the lookout for a better job. You may show up better dressed than usual on random days, thus showing to your co-workers and your boss that you may have been doing interviews outside of the company. This may create some shock value to some decision makers, but be careful in putting this into action.

12) Lastly, as Peter Drucker (management science icon) suggested in one of his books, you need to learn how to manage your boss. It is a complete learning process by itself. To be able to study the whims and caprices of your boss. In the process, you will also learn to become more confident in making your boss understand that you are a trusted ally (or a devoted servant, depending on how you look at it). You can proceed to becoming more strategic. You will then have to help your boss get a promotion, so that you will be given a promotion in return.

But on the overall, all these steps can be studied in the light of your current circumstances. The tips outlined above will apply accordingly, but depending mainly on the situation. And if you are interested what happened after the promotion was withheld from this writer. Well, he eventually got the promised promotion after nearly 2 years, after the General Manager has been able to know this writer better. This writer learned about getting promotion the hard way, by mainly doing special projects for the General Manager, and has become a trusted gaffer for this big boss

Strategies For Maximum Visibility of Your Site

There are several small business marketing strategies that can provide optimal success when choosing the web as your marketing venue. Small businesses today are at a great advantage with the internet providing several tools and resources for internet marketing and traffic generation. Knowing what these small business marketing strategies are and how to use them in order to locally market your business properly is very important before you get started.

1- Business Marketing Strategies: Start with the Site

When you want to employ top small business marketing strategies online, you want to start with the site because you just cannot get anywhere without your base. This site will be where you are directing your target audience in order to find out more about your business or purchase goods and services from you online. This site should consist of several elements to ensure that there will be a high search engine ranking such as:

  • Appropriate Locality Related Keywords
  • Keyword Rich Content
  • Use of Meta Tags and Descriptors
  • High Quality Graphics

You want the page to which you refer your target audience to consist of a landing page with the necessary information and elements to ensure they are able to catch the scope of your offering and get right to where you need them to be.

2- Business Marketing Strategies: Build an Email List

Once the site is in motion, you want to build an email list of subscribers to which you can email information to direct them to your site, to your business and what you offer. Building the list can be quite simple with some key business marketing strategies. There are several ways you can capture an audience to build your email list such as:

  • Adding sign-ups to home page of site
  • Blogging sites
  • Opt-ins upon site entry

Building the email list allows you to share pertinent information with your audience, thereby getting them to be part of your business dealings and, as a result, more likely to convert to customers and ongoing loyalty.

3- Business Marketing Strategies: Blogging and Article Writing

There is a strong force behind blogging and article writing that many business owners have found to be extremely beneficial to employ in their small business marketing strategies. The key picture here is getting extreme exposure so you are found by the search engines, target consumers, and everyone else who inquires within your niche. Starting up a couple blogging sites can greatly increase your visibility, as well as traffic generation to your site.

As you provide relevant information that is sought out, you are building a special relationship with your readers, allowing them to trust your services and products. When it comes to small business marketing strategies, writing articles and posting on your site or on third party sites can also greatly enhance your visibility online and are therefor proven traffic builders.

There are various strategies that can be combined with others to offer high volume traffic generation, allowing your community and all that you wish to become your consumers to see and be well aware of your business and all you offer. Using the right small business marketing strategies means understanding what it takes to get the exposure that is needed exceed expectations.

Local Online Advertising

The Internet, since its introduction, has practically changed the way we view advertising. These days, advertising is accessible to all levels of businesses. All it takes really is some real knowledge and technical capacities even for local online advertising to successfully reach its market. Below are some essentials tips about local online advertising that any starting entrepreneurs should know.

Why engage in local online advertising? Local and direct consumers. These are people who prefer to purchase from companies who are within their locality. This market group is the kind who would always come back and patronize your products and services once you have proven your worth. Thus, if you have excellent products and services to offer you better reach out to these market groups to ensure that you have a captured market in your areas.

Why go for local online advertising when my offline marketing strategy is already in place? Sponsorship of events, flyer distributions, newspaper ads, further increases your visibility within your area if you can harness Internet to reach those who are online. Be very visible in online community forums, local sites, and more importantly local online classified ads. Buy and sell sites are also critical. This way, you will reach even those who seldom read newspapers but are very much into the Internet.

Why use my time for local online advertising when I can just knock at my target consumers’ door or pay ads in local newspapers? Cost effectiveness. You need not spend so much in online advertising really. All you need is a strong presence in various sites and with just a few clicks of a button; your potential customers will have the chance to know you. Essentially, you get to be in several places (community forums, online discussions, classified ads, buy and sell sites) at the same time.

Why opt for local online advertising if I can just hire people to distribute flyers for me? You are able to communicate better with each of your potential customers with online marketing. Flyers tend to be short and in most cases, people simply throw them away upon receiving it. Keep in mind that the purpose of flyer distribution really is to be able to get the message across.

Why still go for local online advertising when I can reach out to even greater market range online? Just because you are considering local online marketing does not really mean that you are limiting your reach to local market. Online marketing is more effective if you can hit two birds with one stone so to speak. If you can capture your local clients so well, they will surely commend you for offering excellent products and services. These types of testimonials are very powerful in strengthening your credibility as a business outfit. You can harness these testimonials to bring people and potential clients who are not from your area.

Easily Use the Internet to Explode Your Business

When you have a small business, marketing strategies can mean the difference between success and failure, between a full store and an empty one, or between having plenty of clients or only having a trickle. However, most marketing strategies cost a lot of money… money that you don’t have as a small business. But with the internet today, cheap and easy marketing is possible for every single type of small business.

Small Business Marketing Strategies – Cheap and Highly Effective Strategies

Out of all business marketing strategies, internet marketing is one of the cheap and has enormous potential. Thanks to the growing popularity of the internet, billions of people can be accessed, reached out to, connected with and persuaded to support you with less effort than ever before. Better still, the internet is free, and even if you have to pay for advertising, it’s a tiny amount compared to one print ad.

Depending on your business, niche, target audience, and more, there are a number of types of marketing you can use: email marketing, websites, blogs, articles, social media, paid advertising, and more. You can also use combination of these effective small business marketing strategies for an even greater impact. Most of these strategies are very quick to begin implementing, so you could begin to see your first business generated from this advertising within a day or two.

Marketing Strategies – How to Get Good

If you have the time and energy, you can learn internet marketing yourself and use the powerful strategies to market your own business. This is the less expensive option, but remember, it’ll take time to get up to speed and learn what you need to know – sometimes months or years. The other option is to hire a company to do your marketing. Many small businesses have sprung up so that people with these skills can use them to earn a living while helping other small businesses thrive in a very profitable exchange for both parties.

Of all the small business marketing strategies you could invest in, internet marketing is one of the cheapest, but also one of the best. As a small business owner, you can truly get more bang for your buck with internet marketing

Advertising Tips That Capture the Attention of Your Customer

Product promotion would be of no benefit if the aim was none other but influence the desire of the customer to utilize a particular commodity. To succeed in business promotion the message relayed to the target audience must be persuasive, reliable and powerful. It should emphases that your products have value so as to facilitate the building of trust and developing a healthy business relationship with your customers.

Effective advertisement in the newspapers and magazines needs to have high imagery, catchy and positive headlines that communicate the benefits of the product. Where necessary they should also have pictures which are large and related to the product. The pictures should get customers attention and hence should be seen before the words. Use of colours where appropriate is advisable so as to make the advert more alluring and interesting.

Another media of advertising is through the radio especially because it is affordable to small businesses. Radio presenters create a personal touch with the listeners as their talks are directed along their fans taste. Adverts on radio should be kept simple and as short as possible to avoid distortion. This is mainly because ambiguous advertisements may produce a negative effect on the business image.

An advert has to be unique and the best way to achieve this is by making sure the message is varied in unexpected ways. This will stimulate the curiosity of the target audience and hence a desire to purchase products.

Whatever measures and marketing strategies adopted in any advertisement agency or business organization, originality in imagination must be the leading force. The perception taken by the firm regarding business promotion matters a lot as it in turn affects the actual overall sales hence the success of any big or small business.

Must See Internet Marketing Tips

If you’re searching for internet marketing tips than you’ve taken a step in the right direction. You’d be amazed by how many people jump into online marketing and expect it to work without putting forth effort. Marketing on the internet can be a very fulfilling and lucrative entrepreneurial venture. That being said, achieving this monetary success requires proper action. These internet marketing tips are meant to ensure that you are taking the steps necessary to achieve online marketing success.

Internet Marketing Tips #1: On and Off page SEO

When operating an online business, the first and foremost important aspect is broadening exposure. The more people you market to the better. In order to expand your marketing reach, you need to diversify your marketing strategies. What do I mean by this? There are multiple ways in which you can go about increasing your exposure and driving traffic to your website. It is most definitely in your best interest to utilize all available marketing outlets and strategies.

The first of the internet marketing tips I’d like to discuss is search engine optimization. Search engine optimization, or SEO as it is more commonly referred, is a strategy used to increase your websites relevance in the eyes of Google. Today, when a consumer is in the market for either a good or service, they consult the internet. Generally this process involves a search engine like Google. SEO can help bring your content and website to the initial Google search results page. Utilizing both off page and on page search engine optimization can help increase your exposure drastically. Learning the ins and outs of SEO is incredibly simple when you consider the potential benefits it can provide. SEO’s ability to increase an internet surfer’s odds of stumbling upon your page makes it one of the most effective online marketing strategies.

Internet Marketing Tips #2: How Social are You?

Social networking websites are among the most frequented websites available. This obviously makes websites such as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter hotbeds for web marketing. These busy social platforms are filled to the brim with consumers. By learning to utilize these platforms and target consumers, you can increase your exposure exponentially. It is pretty incredible that it is possible to turn a profit by using websites and platforms that we are already familiar with. The internet is driven by the demands of consumers. Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter and many other various social networking and Web2.0 websites should be used to your marketing advantage. The consumers are out there. Bring your business to them!

Internet Marketing Tips #3: Bolster Your Blog with Video Content

The internet is absolutely saturated with content. More than likely, a percentage of this content is quite similar to the content you are promoting. How are you distancing yourself from the competition? Video is an extremely potent marketing strategy. Consumers love to identify themselves with a brand. In the internet marketing realm, the marketer is the brand. Making videos makes you seem more human and accessible. Getting in front of the camera can be awkward and feel unnatural at first, but something tells me your shyness will fade when your paychecks start growing in size. If you’re in the market for internet marketing tips, be sure to never overlook the value of adding video to your content.

Choosing Your Brand Marketing Strategy

You just take a look around you and you’ll see plenty of banners, advertisements as well as offers and opportunities offered by various brands. People often wonder why businesses focus so much of their time and finance on brand marketing. However, if you want to take your business to the next level you would need to think of a way to improvise your overall brand strategy.

What makes a brand?
People often recall your business and company by its name, logo or maybe even a tagline! Basically, anything that you could offer customers or potential clients so as to build up your reputation is known as brand marketing. This type of brand strategy lets you stay in the lime light; and, there’s surely a huge benefit of being the first name to pop up when someone is in need of services or products.

How do you improvise on your brand strategy?
The only way to improvise your brand strategy and gain popularity and increased sales is by a successful brand marketing campaign. Most businesses use adverts as a means of conveying their message, others may donate funds to a charitable organization, and in addition to these, there are plenty of other ways to let the people know that you’re the best. However, most businesses fail to realize that the best marketing tool is the word of mouth.

If you offer your customers exactly what they want in terms of quality and services, surely they’d let their friends know about you; and, if your business is really a gem amongst the pebbles, you would soon notice a multitude of people praising your brand to the skies.

Customer loyalty – Another brand strategy to keep in mind
Getting customers to your door and selling them products or services is just one of the major steps towards building a successful business. One of the most important brand marketing strategies that most businesses fail to realize is that of customer loyalty.

No matter what you offer, you surely are going to obtain customers. But, your task isn’t to sell them something. You should rather focus on keeping them satisfied and instill in them a feeling of want, wherein they would return to you whenever they seek similar services again.

If you focus on just a single brand strategy, you may find it really hard to build up the reputation you seek. Therefore, brand marketing should include a complete plan and you should not leave anything to chance. Whenever you notice repeat clients or customers, that’s when you should heave a sigh of relief; as, that’s when you say – ‘my brand strategy works!’ Don’t rest yet, keep improvising and tweaking your strategy in order to reap maximum benefits.

Creative Marketing Ideas for Builders

One of the most difficult challenges a person in the construction field may face is the challenge of coming up with creative marketing ideas for builders. Most structures are not easy to advertise because either people are in the market for a building or they are not paying any attention to them. So how does someone who sells these items for a living market them to create interest even where there was none?

One creative marketing ideas for builders, is to have brochures and flyers printed showcasing the things that your company specializes in. You can often find print shops that will make you an excellent deal on the price of these advertising papers. Once you have the printing done have to get them out to the public. You can stand at local shopping area entrances and personally hand these items out or you can place hate items on the windshields of cars in the shopping center parking lots. Generally the flyers that are handed to you by a person are more likely to be viewed than the ones you find under the windshield wiper of your car.

You can use local radio stations as creative marketing ideas for builders. You can purchase air time on the local radio shows and have the DJ talk about your business. Some of the radio talk shows will even have local businesses on as guests that they interview.

Other creative marketing ideas for builders include posting advertisements on the free classifieds that can be accessed over the internet. These free classifieds are viewed daily by several thousands of people and you will be potentially able to reach each one of them. Try to place your ads in every category that they will be relevant to. If you build portable buildings that are made of metal, then when you place your ad you could put an ad under portable buildings, one under metal buildings, one under storage buildings, and one under backyard storage. You have to show people the versatility of items at times.

Creative marketing ideas for builders can be joined with good works to get your name out in the community. Doing things like sponsoring a youth ball team, or advertising at the youth football, soccer, and baseball fields can get you recognized. You can also purchase prize winning animals from the 4-H and you can advertise in the school yearbooks at some schools.

Having a give-away drawing is another type of creative marketing idea for builders. Build a miniature structure like a child’s playhouse and auction it off to help a charitable foundation in your area. This will make people notice your business and it will allow them to see you as a business that cares and not just another builder in the area.

To succeed in today’s world you must stand out from the crowd. The quality of your product must be excellent, and your personal character needs to be one that people are not afraid to be associated with.

Tips to Design an Effective Advertisement

Learning to design an effective advertisement for your internet business is crucial especially when you are doing marketing online or offline. In this article, I will share with you the best way to design an effective advertisement which I will focus more on internet marketing.

Obviously, there are lots of information about creating effective advertisements online that teaches you lots of ways and methods to design your advertisement, you have to choose the right colour, right photos and so on. But, in fact, creating an effective advertisement can be as easy as these 4 steps that I am going to share with you.

The 4 steps are non-other than the AIDA formula.

AIDA is common list of events that occur when a customer engages with an advertisement. It is a common acronym that is being used in marketing and advertising for decades.

A – Attention (Awareness)

An effective advertisement will of course need attention from people reading it. It has to be able to grab customer’s attention even when he/she is busy! In internet marketing, you often come across words like ‘WARNING’, ‘LIMITED TIME ONLY’, ‘FREE’, ‘EASY’, or ‘FAST’. All these are the phrases used by internet marketer to catch attention of their prospects. Some of them even use striking colour texts, highlight, bold, enlarge, capitalize, or underline it for better results.

I – Interest

Interest is about raising customer’s interest by focusing and demonstrating the key advantages that you will get if you buy this product. If you want to grab attention of a busy person, you must first know their interest right?

In this section, you can use questions to raise their interest. For example, How to live like a millionaire? How to make money using 3 simple steps? Or you can words like, 4 ways to write a blog post, 100 ways to be an entrepreneur.

D – Desire (Demand)

Marketing is all about satisfying or creating demands for the customers. Yes, demand is important in marketing, if there is a demand, but there is no desire from the customer, then there is no sales. For example, you demanded a Lamborghini sports car, but now you have a functional car that can bring you around, so you will not have the desire to own the Lamborghini, unless you have too much purchasing power. Thus, while designing an effective advertisement, the advertisement must be able to convince the customer that they want the product to satisfy their needs, and what they can achieve after purchasing your product.

A – Action

Now, your advertisement grabs the attention of your customer, your customer is interested and is ready to buy your product, but how do they contact you or obtain the information that you are advertising?

Action leads the customers towards taking action and purchase your products. Tell your customer what to do after reading your advertisement, guide them to where they can buy your product, often your landing page. Action is crucial in designing an effective advertisement, so make your call to action as obvious as possible.